The award of the best photographer of the year 2016 (PPAC, Asia WPA)

Capturing people’s daily life memories through photography has changed my life.


Ten years ago, I traveled with my precious camera and recorded every important piece of memory. During that time, I was primarily interested with portrait photography, as I worked as an assistant photographer. I had spent those days learning various important knowledge and skills from my mentor, as well as attending numerous classes and seminars, with the goal of improving myself and getting to know more photography styles and skillsets. It was during these years that photography has literally changed my life.


In recent years, I have participated in a lot of international photography competitions. I have won several awards and distinctions from my photography, including ones from PPAC, ASIA WPA, and I have won the award of “best photographer” for the year 2016. I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know and learn from different art styles from international photographers. They have inspired me to continue to cultivate my skills towards creating more and more masterpieces in the future.


"Knowing the very importance of photography will propel me to capture every precious moments of your life.”


By C.S Lim

Magic Lens Award

Annual competition 2016/2017 Year