Frequently Ask Question (FAQ)

Q: Do you have any restrictions on the locations for photo-shoot?


A: You are certainly free to choose any of your preferred locations within the island-wide in Singapore as long is within the photo-shoot duration of 9 hours. Please note that the times is also including makeup and transportation trip. In some instances that there is a fee incurred or procedure required in such a location, we might need you to settle in advance.


Q: We don’t have any ideas on where is the best locations for photo-shoot?


A: No worries. Our photographer who has several years of experiences is pretty familiar with those best photo-shoot places around the Singapore. Certainly, we will first let you to view on some of the sample photos so that you have a better idea on selecting your favorite locations.


Q: How is the timeline for photo-shoot? How is the makeup arrangement?


A: We recommend bride to start their make-up at home at 9am. Usually, it takes about half an hour to two hours to finish. Then, we will estimate to start the outdoor photo-shoot at around 11am.

Q: Who is your makeup artist?


A: Most of our makeup artists are pretty skillful in this line and furthermore they have been working well with us in quite some years.


Q: Will the makeup artist to follow us on the day of photo-shoot?


A: Yes, makeup artist will go along with us during the photo-shoot. However, they will usually leave after the third session of makeover.


Q: Who is your photographer and what kind of photo-shooting style will he take?


A: Our photographer, Kenny has several years of wedding photography experiences. He is skilled in using his unique style to create a hint of romantic feel for your wedding phoos by applying some different gestures and expressions.

Kenny Wong profile


Q: What should we do if there is a rain?


A: Depends on how bad is the weather. In such a situation that the rain comes unexpectedly during the photo-shoot, we will try to adjust the locations. Or else, we will arrange another day again to finish the rest of the locations. Otherwise, we may have to cancel the whole day photo-shoot. No photography and make-up fees are required.