Tips to prepare before pre wedding photoshoot

Tips to prepare before photoshoot

  • Maintain a good hair condition. Please ensure your hair is in even color especially for those with dyed-hair. (e.g. You may need to re-dyed some part of the hair to make your hair color looks evenly.)

  • Keep your nails clean. The bride may choose to do manicure service so that it might add a hint of art for your wedding photos.

  • Get at least a basic cleansing facial care one week before the photo-shooting. It will help your face looks clean and brighter.

  • Most importantly, please get at least 8 hours of a well-rested sleep to maintain a refreshed wake up look.

  • To make your wedding photos even more meaningful, we suggest you to prepare some decorative items or memorables gifts.

  • Wear a button shirt so as not to affect the make up and hair do

  • Things to prepare: Drinking water, some snacks, umbrella, portable fan, small towels, sunblock, decorative items, memorable gift, socks/ shoes (black and white) for groom, “Nubra”, high-heels shoe, flatted-shoe for bride, etc

Things to take care during your outdoor photoshoot

  • As outdoor locations are usually hot and humidity, please do bring umbrella, portable fan or sunblock. And some towels for wiping off the sweat.

  • Cream for mosquito bite might be useful in some of the locations such as Nature Park, which is full of trees.

  • Please prepare plenty of drinking water to keep your body hydrated due to hot weather and energy loss during photo-shoot. Do prepare some straws for the drinking bottle as the bride can drink the water more easily.

  • For your information, some best-viewed locations are usually seemed to be a little hard to walk. For the safety, the bride must bring a flatted type of shoes due to the ground surface might be uneven.

Things NOT to do

  • Do not rebond and apply any conditioner/treatment on your hair as it may be difficult to style due to its slickness

  • Stay indoors and do not suntan before your photo shoot unless you prefer the sporty tanned look.

  • Do not exfoliate your skin the day before especially with those that contain micro-beads as they may aggravate your skin condition.

  • If you have acne/pimples, do not pop them as it is difficult to conceal an open wound

  • Wear a new pair of contact lens (as you may not be comfortable in them)


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