Peter & Soon Hui - Testimonial

We engaged Kenny as our actual day wedding photographer a year over ago after looking through at various albums which he had taken. One year later, he did not disappoint us at all. He is the best man for the task as our wedding schedule was quite packed due to the fact that it was a lunch which includes all the usual morning gate crash and solemnization before the actual lunch banquet. Kenny worked without taking a break in between to capture the best moments during our actual wedding day. We met him a few days before our big day and conveyed our concerns and expectations for the actual day. He will always put on his big smile and assured us that everything will be smooth running. As usual, on the actual day, he was always all smiles throughout the whole process and even helped us with a lot of things in between. 1 of the best qualities about Kenny is that he remembers our expectations and actually delivers them given the short time. He will always remind us of the things which we had conveyed to him and requested us to take the photos when we are free. He will always find us at the right timing and opportunities to take the shots which we had wanted in the short time frame given. His photography skills is truly excellent and my family and friends had nothing but praises for all the photos which he taken for our big day. A big heartfelt thanks to Kenny for being our actual day photographer to capture all the wonderful memories which my wife and I have. We will highly recommend Kenny if you are still looking for a photographer for your big day :)

Peter & Soon Hui Wedding 04-11-2017

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