Pre-wedding "Adventure" Photography

Would you consider a pre-wedding “adventure" photoshoot in Mount Bromo?

This is an active volcano residing at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia. The park from the top consists of tropical forest flora and fauna and the mount crater. And the lower park contains of lush green valley and the sea of sand.

If you are ready to embark on the greatest journey of your life, the chapter of marriage, this is also similar to hiking; it requires a long vigorous walk, on a long distance footpath and involves a lot of stamina, patient and strategies to build up the strength, to go beyond the terrain and eventually to achieve the goal.

The Journey to the Top

Our journey of pre-wedding shoots was spent about 3 days and 2 nights in November. We travelled on weekdays to avoid crowding so that everyone could feel comfortable throughout the pre-wedding shoot.

To withstand the Weather

It's impossible to get an accurate weather forecast as conditions may change anytime in the mountain. Therefore, it’s always for us to have a second plan, like we arrive in the morning and depart in the evening on the third day. Incase of bad weather, we might be able to cover the photo-shoot on the last day.

Generally in November, the chance of raining is high but not whole day as it usually starts from the evening. Temperatures is cool during the day but cold at night as temperatures can drop to zero.


As long as the hotel is reasonable priced with all the necessary facilities, we have planned to get a hotel that would provide an easier access to all the main spots for photo-shoot and to be able to maximise the entire times and experience during the stay. Hotel Lava is a good option as this is the nearest hotel to the Mt Bromo.


From Singapore to Mt Bromo, the nearest airport is in Surabaya and it took 2.5 hours to reach there. For short distance travel, budget airline would be an ideal, which less cost during off-peak season. From the airport, we took a private car transfer to the hotel from a city down to a countryside, followed by a lush green of forest along the road. The path was a little steeply, as it gradually climbs up to the windy mountain. However, it was generally safe with the jeep. Once we reached the summit, we were already refreshed by the breeze weather and the mind-blowing landscape from the top. It’s definitely well worth the journey.

First station at Waterfall

Before getting to the hotel, we have stopped-by Madakaripura waterfall to catch some casual photo-shoot. Continue down to the car park, there were some hawkers selling umbrellas, slippers, raincoats and jackets. From these, it’s telling us to prepare for getting wet! Prior entering deep into the fall, we began our 30mins trekking. Although we took a lot of steps down, however when we reached the destination, we have been stunned by the view of this “secret hidden” paradise, because the waterfall was so surreal and magnificent. Especially when we could hear the soothing sound of the crystal clear waters streaming down to the rock, it created us a harmony in our soul mind and body.

Second Day “The start of sunrise tour, from the top and down to the Sea Sand”

The sunrise at Bromo is a “Must-See” main spot among the traveller. Sunrise starts at around 5:30am and we have to be ready by 03:30am in order for 2 hours travel to the viewpoint. To get a clear view of sky for the sunrise, it depends on the season and the condition of mist. Normally without the mist, we should have actually viewed the amazing sunrise that is bursting the sky with massive red in color and gradually splashed the clouds with infinite rays of tangerine.

Some scenic spots to visit

After the sunrise view, we continued our journey to visit the Bromo Crater. While entering the park, there was a long trail of staircase that we have to step up to the top by walking and riding a horse.

From the top, we were able to see sketchily this mysterious cone view of crater and we have to be always in caution.

After that, we led down our journey to this vast moonscape area, called the "Sea of Sand". This is the edge of Mt Bromo, which contains the sulfur of volcanic ash. The sand was so fluffy while standing on a barefoot.

After lunch in the afternoon, we went back to the hotel for rest. Meantime, we were on our free and easy program. We freshen up by our last visit at Savanna Green Hill, another attraction that includes massive grass fed by rivers from the surrounded greenish high mountain. It is also called as “love hill”, which is considered one of the romantic backgrounds for pre-wedding shoot.

“Despite the pre-wedding shoot eventually is not really desired due the condition of the weather, however what’s precious is we have enjoyed much more fun for the unique scenery, challenge of photo-shoot, and most importantly sharing the wonderful moment together. Gratefully, everyone is positive and excited throughout the entire journey with full of dynamism.”

Tips for Pre-wedding Photoshoot

When approaching the nature (e.g. at Mt Bromo), we strive to be as flexible as possible depending on the weather and locations. Always have some pre-research about the travel information to get some ideas beforehand. A sufficient sleep and rest is also essential before the trip, as it requires early wake up for the sunlight and energy for walking.

I recommend the couple always plan in advance for the trip according to their holiday, specific budget and preferences.

Things to bring for Bromo Trip

1) Jacket/ scarf/ gloves (to accommodate 15-20 degree celcius in the mountain).

2) Sport shoe (for hiking).

3) Sandals, water proof pouch for electronic items (e.g. handphone) during the trip at waterfall.

4) Disposable mask.

5) Optional: sunblock lotion, umbrella, medical kit, etc.

Expenses in Bromo Trip (per person)

Budget Airline = SGD165

Meal = SGD10 to get a big meal

Horse Ride = SGD15

Others = SGD250++ (for accomodation/ transport/ entry permit)

Insurance (optional)

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