Hui Jie & Yi Xian - Testimonials

My Husband and I were very happy and comfortable with Kenny throughout the wedding journey. From the time he met us for the first time to share with us more about himself and his work, to the actual wedding day itself, he was never pushy, and always v easy going. I chose his service due to his eye for creativity and artistic shots. True enough, the photos delivered to us were beautifully shot and reflected originality - a testament to his effort in composing and post-processing his works. I’m really impressed as he managed to bring out both the serious and candid moments.

All in all, he is humble, earnest, and does his best - traits we truly value. 100% recommended - you won’t regret it. Thank you once again, KW studio Photography, for giving us memories that will stay w us for a lifetime!

Hui Jie & Yi Xian Wedding 10-12-2017

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