Joel & Valerie - Testimonials

We met Kenny and Yuting in a Hitcheed fair. They showed us some of their works and after a brief chat with them, we decided to engage them for our AD.

It was an easy decision to make as they are both sincere and earnest in sharing their experiences and portfolio. It turned out to be a great decision! Yuting helped us with our childhood montage and was very patient in understanding our requests. Both of them are very accommodating to our meet-up requests.

On the actual day, Yuting managed to turnaround the same-day edit in such a short time as our AD schedule was a jam-packed wedding lunch. We loved the morning highlight video! Kenny is very professional and we don't really have to redo shots, yet the photos turned out great! The emotions of the day are captured perfectly.

Thank you both so much!

Valerie & Joel Wedding 17 November 2018

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