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We are glad that we chose Kenny as our Photographer for our Actual Day & Pre-wedding shoot in New Zealand! Everything went well.

We met Kenny at Hitcheed event. Compared to other studios who are sometimes hard selling and eager to get our business, Kenny was very personable and friendly in discussing the package with us. We noticed his works focus both on people and scenery.

Our Pre-wedding shoot was great! We came up a few destinations (i.e Lake Tekapo, Mount Cook, Wanka) and Kenny came up with the itinerary and some advice for us. Kenny is very experienced, he guided us through the standard poses and came up with Creative ones of his own. Working with him was fast and comfortable, take a few shoot and is done. The result of the photos was amazing. I do not have to retake or pose again and again, especially in a cold country in New Zealand. We like the photos taken especially in Wanka & Mount Cook. We became like good friends throughout the photo shoot and enjoyed few meals together.

Kenny is our main Photographer, and Yuting is our Videographer for our Actual day. We did not regret our decision at all, the result of the photos, video’s sound and visual was excellent. We both are really grateful & thankful to have them for our Actual day.

Linus & Kalyne 23 February 2019 wedding

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